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Fulmore Middle School students play Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Beginning Band, Jazz Band, and several smaller ensembles, under the direction of directors Patrick Kennedy and Beverly Michelson. All groups consistently earn Superior Ratings at state-wide and other adjudicated events.  Fulmore Bands include:
  • Symphonic Band (Beverly Michelson, Director) is for students who have completed Beginning Band or have otherwise demonstrated that they are ready for this class. Students in this class generally have developed technique well beyond the average first year student by the beginning of the year. Symphonic Band performs literature at the UIL grade levels 1 and 2.
  • Wind Ensemble (Patrick Kennedy, Director) is the most advanced group at Fulmore Middle School. Students are placed in this band by audition. For this band, instruction moves away from the basic elements of music to concentrate on the more abstract concepts of musicianship. The Wind Ensemble performs literature at the UIL grade levels 2 and 3.
  • The Falcon Jazz Band (Patrick Kennedy, Director) is Fulmore's popular "Big Band Jazz" group that meets as an after school class on Wednesdays.